Some of my birth photos have been published internationally, and I have had personal photos displayed in a gallery exhibition, but I’m most proud when my photos are shared in your home. It is such an honour to know that my work hangs on your walls, or is cherished in your albums – for generations to come.

One of my fondest memories of being a kid is sitting in our living room, scouring over photo albums – Who is this person? Where was that? What was happening? Where was I? Photos tell stories to our children. They help shape the way they see the world, and themselves; there is something about that tactile experience of turning the pages, feeling the texture and the weight of the album, that contributes to it.

So while your wedding photos are absolutely for you and your partner, yes, they are also for your future children. One day – hopefully many days – they will want to see the photos from their parents’ wedding. (They will be like me on that couch, mesmerized by your wedding album.) Who was there? How did you dress? How did you feel? They will feel these emotions too.

Weddings are beautiful stories of beginnings, middles, and possibilities. No matter how many I photograph, I find each one to be unique – it is your day. It is your story. All of the details — all of the decisions you’ve made about the flowers, the decor, the people who attend — they are important to you and make up your story. This is why it’s important to me to capture you as authentically as possible and in a timeless way. Who are you? What is your wedding like? Why? What moments happen that your children – and their children – will want to know about and see? How do you want your story to be told?

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