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How do you want your story to be told?

What moments happen that your children – and their children – will want to know about and see?

Who are you? What are you like? What's important to you?

This is your story.

I document stories of love, birth, and the beauty of the everyday in a way that is timeless and true to life so that those living generations from now can still experience your story the way you do

They will feel these emotions too.

Who was there? What were they doing? What was most important to them?
How did they feel?

(They will be like me in that living room: mesmerized.)

So while your wedding (or birth or family) photos are absolutely for you and your partner, yes, they are also for your future children.
One day – hopefully many days – they will want to see these photos.

Photos tell stories to our children. They help shape the way they see the world and themselves.

There is something about that tactile experience of turning the pages and feeling the texture and the weight of the album that contributes to our experience and our memories.

 Where was I?'

What was happening? 

Where was that? 

 'Who is this person? 

I'd ask: 

One of my fondest memories of being a kid is sitting in our family room, voraciously looking through photo albums.
My dad had built cabinets that were wall to wall, full of them. I'd sit there for hours going through them page by page.

1. I am a book nerd, and not afraid to admit it.

2. City and Colour will forever be in my top 3 favourite bands.

3. I've been obsessed with legal dramas since I was little. I especially love true crime stories. I think I secretly hope to solve a case.

4. I have a collection of all my old hotel key cards. They're sort of like souvenirs or postcards to me.

5. We have the sweetest 11 year old chocolate lab, Ellie. She thinks she's still a puppy and we don't really tell her otherwise.

5 Entirely Random Facts About Me

My sweet little family

Photo by Emily Minor Photography


- A quote I wrote for my high school yearbook, upon graduation. Even then I wanted to preserve memories.

"Jessica's ability to capture beautiful moments without you realizing it is what makes her work so special."


Paulina & Kevin

"Sometimes I forgot she was there because she knew where to be and how to be there without taking away from the moment."

"She got genuine and candid shots that we didn’t know she photographed in the first place. So many beautiful pictures to choose from. We love them all."

Lucie & Chris

Olga & Matt

"She did a great job with candid photos (my favourite!), but also recognized that our more traditional family members preferred posed photos and ensured that there was a good mix of both."

Jaycee & Ben

"She just has a way of making everyone comfortable so she can capture the beautiful, real life moments." 


"Her talent is pure magic, and comes straight from her heart. I am so connected to her as a friend, and as a client. She's captured my most precious memories of my entire life - perfectly!"


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